Domain names for sale (50% to charity)

  I’m auctioning off a small proportion of my domain portfolio. 50% of all proceeds will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity – The other 50% will be probably be spent on a TT800 –   Drop me a line if any are of interest – bids of at least £750 each please.

The ‘Ozil effect’ in the workplace

Mesut Ozil is an attacking midfielder/winger for Arsenal Football Club. Many Arsenal fans seem to be highly critical of him, comparing him to the more visible Alexis Sanchez who gets on all the traditional Top 10 lists – top 10 scorers, top 10 shots on target, top 10 this, top 10 that.   The problem however is that if…

Most subscribed video channels

The table below shows the most subscribed video accounts as of February 2015 (users not channels): Interesting fact…HolaSoyGerman in Chile has more subscribers than Chile has people!

Most retweeted stories from various news sources

Taking the last 3000 or so tweets from a number of news sources, the most popular tweets for each one are below. What does this tell us about the news service and/or the followers of each of them? I will let you decide!:                          

The greatest viral campaign (that never happened)

Almost three years ago my team and I pitched what we believed to be an irresistible viral campaign to It didn’t unfortunately prove irresistible to them and we were ultimately unsuccessful in getting them to buy into it. As ideas go, it was one of my all-time favourites, having all the components of a modern and…

The Immigrant Paradox: Why Immigrants are wealthier than you.

  This is not a political article. The merits of a nation state opening its borders to migrants and to what degree and whether this has a positive or negative affect on a macro-economy or on the lives of a nation’s home-born locals is not a topic this post is concerned with. Instead, this is an…

Da Vinci's Codex Leicester

Codices, Gospels, Birds of America & the power of pictures

Which is the most expensive book ever sold? No, it isn’t Ptolemy’s Cosmography, published in 1477, with only two copies in existence. That sold for $4m. It isn’t Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories and Tragedies – a first edition that sold for $5.1m. And no, it’s not Mozart’s 9 Symphonies manuscript ($4m), nor is it The Gospels…

The Penalty of Leadership

  The above essay was produced as an advertisement for Cadillac Automobiles in 1915. It is widely believed to have reversed the company’s fortunes when it ran (and it only ran once). It served as the identity for the brand for many years thereafter. Elvis Presley was so inspired by this text that he had it…