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Most subscribed video channels

The table below shows the most subscribed video accounts as of February 2015 (users not channels): Interesting fact…HolaSoyGerman in Chile has more subscribers than Chile has people!

Most retweeted stories from various news sources

Taking the last 3000 or so tweets from a number of news sources, the most popular tweets for each one are below. What does this tell us about the news service and/or the followers of each of them? I will let you decide!:                          

The greatest viral campaign (that never happened)

Almost three years ago my team and I pitched what we believed to be an irresistible viral campaign to CompareTheMarket.com. It didn’t unfortunately prove irresistible to them and we were ultimately unsuccessful in getting them to buy into it. As ideas go, it was one of my all-time favourites, having all the components of a modern and…