This blog represents the musings, long and short, of Andreas Pouros.


I am…


Co-founder and COO of Greenlight (http://www.greenlightdigital.com) – a leading digital marketing agency that has driven over £10bn of incremental revenue to blue chip businesses and superbrands over the last decade.


Managing Partner at acceleratr.co (http://www.acceleratr.co), a London-based, high performance start-up accelerator providing start-ups with everything they need to get to a major funding round – capital, strategy, mentoring, resources, subsidised office space and contacts.


Co-founder of Hydra (http://www.onehydra.com) – a leading marketing SaaS business, focused on empowering marketers and agencies with revolutionary, patent-pending search science.


Founder of Greenlight Unite (http://greenlightunite.org.uk) – a charity that crowdsources skills from its volunteer members to deliver tangible services and guidance to causes put forward by those very same members.


A Member of FF&Ps Advisory Board (http://www.ffandp.com/private-equity/advisory-board/).


And also…..an Executive Producer, collector of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia, and committed whisky drinker.

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